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The Worst Word
The Worst Word

Another blast from the high school past.


It will be 2 months with no digital drawing capability. Here’s a rundown of what happened with Wacom’s Cintiq Companion.

Summary: A friendly customer service department could not act in the customer’s best interest after two different Cintiq devices failed to serve as quality products. This resulted in a refund, which was requested last week on Thursday. If this refund is processed quickly, I need not discourage Cintiq purchases; expect updates on this site.

Digital comics will resume after that!


1. Cintiq is purchased in July 2014. Delivered about a month later.
2. Cintiq drops its price by about $300. A refund is requested for the difference to avoid a refund. Request is denied.
3. Request for refund is made, honored due to same-month as purchase.
4. After consideration and enjoyment of the Cintiq, the refund is not executed because the customer enjoys drawing and does not want to be 2 weeks without the Cintiq even if it means not getting the $300.
5. On January 1st 2015, the Cintiq stops charging. This is apparently common for models purchased July 2014 and before.
6. Cintiq is contacted, takes ~1 month to get replacement unit to customer. All files, drawings on Cintiq are lost forever. Note: use OneDrive or ANYTHING to auto-backup; your hardware can betray you.
7. When unit is turned on, an error is shown at startup that only provides an OK button and restarts when pressed. Unit is unusable.
8. Customer calls customer support, follows technical steps to try to reset the machine through various means. Nothing fixes the error. Customer is informed that the unit will need to be sent back, unfortunately. Note: the customer representative this night was fantastically pleasant and appreciative of customer’s general pleasantness.
9. Next morning, customer calls customer support once more as shipping materials have not been sent. Customer requests that a replacement unit be sent out, even before Wacom receives the faulty unit, so that a return to drawing can happen as quickly as possible. Request is denied. This is where Wacom could have avoided the next event.
10. A refund is considered, then requested. The refund is honored.
11. Customer sends unit back on this single day after the replacement unit was sent. Wacom does not pay shipping; only provides an RMA number to reference upon arrival.

And now I wait.

If you’re reading this and draw, I’d love to know what you think is the best device for streaming one’s drawings. I’m considering a Cintiq Companion 2 (if, and only if, the refund is processed fully and smoothly) or a Surface Pro 3 at this time. Any non-Intel recommendations would also be much appreciated.

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