Nonsensical Language Barriers in World of WarCraft

WoW Character backstory
Zaydn is reunited with his old friend Dozeky — but high elves and dwarves can’t understand each other anymore because WoW expansion.

To compensate for this week’s Lhore, which is delayed because Cintiq Companions are amazing, I am scanning and uploading a years-old comic premise based on my World of Warcraft character: Zaydn.

Zaydn is a high elf who was bad at things. To avoid shame, his well-off family in Quel’thalas pulled all the strings they could and managed to get him into Alleria’s group where he would have to do nothing while being taken care of. He was separated when real trouble hit, but eventually ran into the Dark Portal to catch up with his squad.

Alas, a path of bones is a scary sight so Zaydn went the other way and camped out, lost, in some cave. Draenor went boom and the cave became an adamantium rollercoaster thrust into the area now known as the Netherstorm. Despite the puke-inducing ride, the Draenorsplosion left the Netherstorm rich in magical energies — making it easy for Zaydn to wield magic that he previously sucked at. Especially the “conjure food” spell.

The Alliance and Horde both would find their way into Draenor and Zaydn would see his old friend, Dozeky Nineiron.

But they can’t understand each other. Because World of Warcraft. Despite the centuries of friendship that dwarves and elves had.




My cintiq stopped charging. This seems to be the problem.

I bought my Cintiq in July, which is right during the tail end of the above problem. Soon after, Wacom reduced the price by a couple hundred bucks. I contacted them to see if I could get the difference refunded. They said no. It’d be easier than having me return it, refund it, then purchasing it again. They said that was fine.

That wasn’t really cool.

Thing is, I enjoyed my Cintiq and didn’t want to be without it for 2 weeks while the refund was processed. So I stuck with it.

Little did I know that I could have saved a couple hundred bucks and bought a new model that wouldn’t have this problem which now makes me give up my Cintiq forcefully for two weeks anyway!

The moral of the story will be determined by their customer service at this point. I hope it is seamless; I really do love my Cintiq, and I apologize for the disruption this failure causes for Lhore.

Because of this, I’d like to say: thanks for coming to Lhore! I really do appreciate the fans that have reached out to me, given ideas, or generally supported this. Thanks a bunch! I’ll get back to normal after the repairs/replacements are complete!

Shout out to Mei Francis for manipulating the scanned image with her Photoshop wizardry. Thanks!